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Burst! CATL Refute!

On June 10, according to media reports, CATL recently issued a formal statement on supply chain issues, refuting the false allegations made by members of the United States Congress in a letter on June 5.

The letter falsely accused Ningde Times of being involved in forced labor, to which CATL made clear that the allegations were baseless and completely false.

In a statement, CATL said its business relationships with some of the suppliers named in the letter had been terminated.

For other suppliers, CATL' business dealings were conducted with different subsidiaries and absolutely did not involve any forced labor or violations of U.S. laws and regulations.

CATL also stressed that some of the companies they had never sourced the products, and the information quoted in the letter was wrong.

CATL adheres strictly to all laws and regulations applicable to its operations and conduct business in the United States and adheres to the highest business and ethical standards.

The company has put in place effective policies to ensure a responsible and sustainable supply chain that meets the highest global standards.

In addition, CATL has established strict internal procurement controls and deployed the "CREDIT" audit toolkit to assess the sustainability performance of companies in the battery supply chain.

These measures are aimed at promoting global energy transition and green development.




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