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Electrolyte, Solid Electrolyte Powder, Metal Chips And Coin Cell Cases

Electrolyte, solid electrolyte powder, sodium metal chips, coin cell cases with spring and spacer, and lithium metal chips are popular. We sold them to many different countries, especially in Europe and the US.

Battery Materials

For electrolyte, NaPF6 electrolyte and LiPF6 electrolyte are sold well.  And you can choose different additives. Like EC, PC, and so on.

For solid electrolyte powder, NaPF6 salt, NaClO4 salt, Na3Zr2Si2PO12 power and LLZO powder are sold best.

For Sodium chips and Lithium chips, the size of 15.6(Dia.)*0.45mmT is used most. If you need other sizes, we can also provide customized service.

For coin cell cases, we have 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.   316 is better.   Also, CR2032 is the most popular. And you can choose cone spring or wave spring, and choose 0.5mmT spacer or 1.0mmT spacer.

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