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Lithium Battery Raw Material Manufacturer Shanshan Anode Business "Leap Forward"

Lithium Battery Raw Material Manufacturer Shanshan Anode Business

Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd.'s existing business covers new energy businesses such as lithium-ion battery materials, battery system integration (including lithium-ion capacitors, power battery packs), energy management services, charging pile construction, and new energy vehicle operations.

Lithium battery anode materials have become the core line of performance growth of Shanshan's lithium battery materials sector.

In 2022H1, the market demand for negative electrode materials continues to be strong. Shanshan Co., Ltd. is expected to have a net profit of 1.6-1.7 billion yuan attributable to the parent, a year-on-year increase of 111%-124%.

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Figure 1 China Battery Raw Material Manufacturer (Shanshan)

Among the reasons for the pre-increase in performance, Shanshan's explanation of the growth of the negative electrode business can also be seen as its emphasis on the negative electrode material business and its contribution to the performance of the negative electrode material.

Shanshan Co., Ltd. said that benefiting from the continuous boom in the new energy vehicle industry, the downstream demand of the anode material business is strong, and the top customers have accelerated the increase in volume. The superimposed company's Baotou Phase II new production capacity has been successfully released, and the shipment of anode materials has increased significantly year-on-year.

At present, anode materials have become one of the two core businesses that Shanshan focuses on. In 2021, the company's anode material shipments will reach 101,000 tons, ranking at the forefront of the industry. At the same time, the company is also continuing to strengthen the competitive advantage of the anode material business.

  1. At the production capacity level, speed up the integrated layout, increase the proportion of graphitization supply, and strengthen the scale and cost advantages. As of 2021, the company's anode material production capacity is 120,000 tons, and the graphitization capacity is 42,000 tons.

  2. At the product level, increase the market share of fast charging negative electrodes and build high competition barriers. Shanshan Co., Ltd. has been developing fast charging negative electrodes since 2014. With high capacity, high compaction density, low expansion, long cycle, fast charging and other characteristics, it occupies a mainstream position in the global mid-to-high-end digital and power battery fields.

  3. At the capital level, the upstream and downstream industrial chain capital is introduced to escort the expansion of the anode material business. Recently, Shanshan Lithium Battery, an anode material company under Shanshan Co., Ltd., successfully completed the introduction of strategic capital.



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