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Yiwei Lithium Energy 46 Series Large Cylinder Battery Has Entered The Mass Production Stage

Yiwei Lithium Energy 46 Series Large Cylinder Battery Has Entered The Mass Production Stage

On March 1, Ideal Car 2024 Spring conference officially released the flagship MPV of home technology - Ideal MEGA. This hot star car, price, parameters and other suspense finally announced. The ideal MEGA is equipped with the Ningde Time Kirin 5C battery to achieve a "12-minute charge of 500 kilometers", the current "mass production" model in the world's first power and charging speed, which has attracted much attention.

Looking at the new energy vehicle industry, electric vehicles have changed from the endurance anxiety stage to the energy anxiety stage, the reason is that the charging speed of 2C or even 1C in the industry is difficult to meet the needs of users for long-distance travel. In order to achieve the goal of 5C supercharge, Ningde Times and the ideal team jointly tackled the problem, invested more than 1,000 R & D team, from the basic material system to the structural system, carried out in-depth technical research.

This Ningde Kirin battery is based on the third-generation CTP architecture. On the one hand, in order to achieve the 5C peak charging ratio, Ningde has created a super-ionic ring graphite negative electrode with a peak charging capacity above 5C. Developed ultra-high conductive hydrolysate, through thinner, more uniform, more dense SEI film, so that the charging dynamics improved by 30%; The isolation membrane is optimized to improve the overall battery dynamics by 10%.

On the other hand, in order to make the peak charging power more sustainable, through multiple rounds of disassembly, demonstration and testing, the industry has crossed the internal resistance from 0.5mΩ to within 0.3mΩ. At the same time, the targeted optimization of the heat dissipation structure makes the maximum heat dissipation power of the Kirin battery up to 16kW.

Under the 5C supercharge scheme with high voltage and high current, battery safety has always been the core issue of concern of all parties, and it is also a new challenge of technology and process. It is reported that the Kirin battery applies the world's highest thermal failure safety standard, that is, no open flame when the 50 ° C cooling system is not working. The Kirin battery also introduces a saddle beam structure to ensure collision safety. During the test phase, Kirin batteries passed all 130 safety design indicators and 951 safety tests.

In the mass production and manufacturing process, the Kirin battery comes from the Ningde Times Lighthouse factory, and each cell is set up with more than 6800 quality control points, and the average traceable data of a battery exceeds 10,000 items, reducing the failure rate of a single unit to the level of PPB (a few parts per billion).

Kirin battery has completed large-scale mass production in 2023, helping the ideal MEGA to achieve release delivery, delivery and volume.

Choosing trams to look for Ningde era batteries has gradually become an industry practice. In the next few years, comprehensive electrification will accelerate, and as a new energy innovative technology enterprise, Ningde Times will continue to lead the green development of the industry with its continuous innovation ability.



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