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  • Lab Constant Temperature Test Chamber for Pouch Cell and Coin Cell
  • Lab Constant Temperature Test Chamber for Pouch Cell and Coin Cell
Lab Constant Temperature Test Chamber for Pouch Cell and Coin CellLab Constant Temperature Test Chamber for Pouch Cell and Coin Cell

Lab Constant Temperature Test Chamber for Pouch Cell and Coin Cell

Semiconductor refrigeration desktop constant temperature test box

1. Capacity: 25L
2. Inner box: W280 mm×D250 mm×H360 mm
3. Outer box: W360 mm×D450 mm×H470 mm
4. Weight: About 40kg
5. Temperature range:15~60℃


Semiconductor Refrigeration Desktop Constant Temperature Test Chamber


This is a 25L capacity constant temperature test chamber for coin cell and pouch cell lab research, with compact size of floor space to satisfy your laboratory battery testing needs.

In order to maximize the space utilization, it is designed to place 32 button batteries (battery I ≤ 100mA), which is placed 2 channels per layer and 4 layers per 25L .


Product name

AS-MHW-25-S Desktop constant temperature testing chamber


Pouch cell battery andcoin cell battery constant temperature testing



Inner box

W280 mm×D250 mm×H360 mm

Outer box

W360 mm×D450 mm×H470 mm


About 40kg

Test environmental conditions

Environmental temperature+25℃,Relative humidity≤85%,No sample in the test chamber (no load)

Temperature range


Temperature fluctuation

≤1℃(No load, stable temperature)

Temperature deviation

±2.0℃(No load, stable temperature)

Heating time

25℃→60℃ ≤30 min

Cooling time

25℃→15℃ ≤60 min

Communication way

Ethernet standard interface

Plug wire

1.5m 10A three-hole plug cable (with leakage protection)

Transport  Size

The test box is integral, and the whole transportation

Maximum shipping size (without packaging): "Refer to 4.3 Dimensions"

Conditions of Use:The user guarantees the following conditions (the user  is responsible for the installation of equipment power supply lines)

Installation site

good ventilate

No strong vibration around the device

No strong electromagnetic field around the equipment

No flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment

Environmental conditions

Temperature:5℃~35℃;Relative humidity:≤85%;

Air pressure:86kPa~106kPa

Power supply condition

Voltage AC(220±22)V (50±0.5)Hz

Power Single phase + protection ground wire 0.2kW

Maximum current 1A


Opening the door of the test box during the test will cause temperature fluctuations in the box

Battery specifications and placement


Coin cell or pouch cell


Four-layer placement (each layer can hold up to 8 coin cell)

Prohibited test items

Test or storage of flammable, explosive and volatile material samples

Testing or storage of corrosive samples

Test or storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples

Test or storage of radioactive substance samples

Test or storage of highly toxic substance samples

Test or storage of samples that may produce the above substances or objects during testing or storage

Size and weight

Nominal Internal Volume: 25L

Inside Dimensions: W280 mm×D250 mm×H360 mm

Overall Dimension: W360 mm×D450 mm×H470 mm

Net Weight: About 40kg

Constant Temperature Test Chamber for Pouch Cell

Coin cell Temperature Test Box

Constant Temperature Test Chamber for Coin Cell

Constant Temperature Test Chamber for Lab

More sophisticated design such as concise style and multi-function system.

Coin cell Constant Temperature Test Chamber

Pouch Cell Constant Temperature Test Chamber

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