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  • Digital Rotational Viscometer LVDV-1T for Lab Battery Slurry Testing
  • Digital Rotational Viscometer LVDV-1T for Lab Battery Slurry Testing
Digital Rotational Viscometer LVDV-1T for Lab Battery Slurry TestingDigital Rotational Viscometer LVDV-1T for Lab Battery Slurry Testing

Digital Rotational Viscometer LVDV-1T for Lab Battery Slurry Testing

Perfect integration of touch-screen technology, fast, accurate, easy to measure viscosity. Stepless debugging, can measure super high viscosity of the sample. 5-inch color touch screen can be comprehensive, visual display of a variety of parameters and working conditions. It has many advantages, such as many measuring parameters, rich display content, convenient operation, intuitive reading, high measuring precision, stable rotational speed, strong anti-interference performance, showing the curve of shear rate and viscosity, and so on.


Digital Rotational Viscometer LVDV-1T for Lab Battery Slurry Testing

Main feature:
1. Using ARM technology, built-in Linux system. The operation interface is concise and clear, through the creation of test programs and data analysis, the viscosity test can be carried out quickly and easily;
2. Accurate viscosity measurement: each range is automatically calibrated by computer, with high precision and small error;
3. Rich display content: in addition to viscosity (dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity), there are temperature, shear rate, shear stress, measured value as a percentage of full scale value (graphic display), range overflow alarm, automatic scan, current rotor Maximum measurement range, date, time, etc. under the combination of speed. And can display kinematic viscosity under the condition of known density to meet the different measurement requirements of users;
4. Complete functions: can measure regularly, build 30 sets of test programs, access 30 sets of measurement data, display viscosity curve in real time, print data and curves, etc.;
5. Front level: intuitive and convenient level adjustment;
6. Stepless speed regulation: RV1T series: 0.3-100 rpm, with a total of 998 speeds RV2T series: 0.1-200 rpm, with a total of 2000 speeds
7. Display the curve of shear rate versus viscosity: the range of shear rate can be set and displayed on the computer in real time; the curve of time versus viscosity can also be displayed
8. Standard USB interface: insert U disk to copy data directly
9. Optional Pt100 temperature probe: wide temperature measurement range, from -20 to 300 °C, temperature measurement accuracy of 0.1 °C;
10. Rich optional accessories: special constant temperature bath for viscometer, constant temperature cup, printer, standard viscosity sample (standard silicone oil), etc.;
11. Chinese and English operating systems (pre-set before leaving the factory).

Detailed technical parameters:




Control / display mode

5-inch color touch screen


0.3–100 infinitely variable speed , a total of 998 speed options

0.1–200 infinitely variable speed , a total of 2000 speed options

measuring range

Rotor1- 4: 10-2M mPa.s


Rotor 18:3 - 10K

Rotor 25:480 - 1.60M

Rotor 31:30 - 100K

Rotor 34:20 - 200K

Rotor1-4: 10–6MmPa.s

ULR: 0.3-6KRotor 18:1.5 - 300K

Rotor 25:240 – 4.8M

Rotor 31:15 - 300K

Rotor 34:30 - 600K


L1 - L4(Standard)

Enhanced ultra-low viscosity adapter ULR (optional)

Small sample adapters (rotors 18,25,31,34)(optional))

Sample dosage

Rotor1- 4: 300 -400mlULR:21ml

Rotor 18:7ml

Rotor25: 9ml

Rotor31: 10.5ml


K = 1000;M = 1000000

measurement erro

±1%(Newtonian liquid)

repetitive error

±0.5%(Newtonian liquid)

Show shear response / shear rate

standard configuration

Timing function

standard configuration

Real-time display Viscosity curve

Temperature-time curve Viscosity-time curve

(The rheological curves of shear rate and viscosity can be displayed by optional data processing software)

kinematic viscosity

Density of samples to be entered

Temperature measurement function

Standard temperature probe interface (optional temperature probe)

Automatic Scanning Function

Automatically scan and recommend the preferred combination of rotor and rotation speed

Maximum measurement range

Automatic display of selected combinations of rotor and rotation speed. Measurable viscosity range

Self-built Measuring Procedures

Up to 30 groups (including rotor, speed, temperature, time, etc.)

Preservation of measurements

Up to 30 sets of data (including viscosity, temperature, rotor, speed, shear rate, shear stress, time, density, kinematic viscosity, etc.)

put a seal on

Data, curve can be printed (standard print interface, need to buy printer)

data output interface

USB:can insert U disk and copy data directly RS232:Connect Computer

thermostatic components

Selections (including various viscometer special thermostatic tank, thermostatic cup, temperature control device, heating furnace)

working power supply

Wide voltage operation (110 V/60 Hz or 220 V/50 Hz)

outline dimension

300 × 300 × 450(mm)

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