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SUNWODA into new batteries

On March 2, SUNWODA, Chinese lithium ion manufacturing enterprises, said on the investor interactive platform that the company plans to invest in the construction of a 20GWh power battery and energy storage battery production base in Shifang, Sichuan Province.


Before that, SUNWODA also said in the interactive platform, the company is currently in the development of sodium-ion battery (Aooser proivde many kinds of sodium battery materials), solid state battery, SUNWODA said that the company is currently actively developing technology and reserves, will actively communicate with customers.


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Globally, China has been the world's largest lithium battery consumer market for five consecutive years. But in the rapid growth of the industry scale, demand explosion at the same time the battery industry battle is also advancing.


According to incomplete statistics, the planned new capacity of domestic battery enterprises, including CATL and EVE Lithium Energy, reached 1100GWh last year, and the capacity expansion speed is further accelerating.


At the same time, the current market is still a period of intensive technological innovation, in addition to capacity competition, product and technology volume is also very fierce.


"I personally see two routes, one for solid-state batteries and the other for sodium-ion batteries." An enterprise person believes that the current solid state battery and sodium ion battery hot abnormal, new technologies continue to emerge, technology seems to see no end.


In terms of solid state batteries, SNEResearch calculated data shows that the market of solid state batteries in China is expected to reach 3 billion yuan in 2025 and 20 billion yuan in 2030.


Most battery enterprises, including CATL, BYD, Guoxuan High-tech, Honeycomb Energy, Ganfeng Lithium battery and so on, are laying out solid state battery, Dongfeng Motor, Changan Aoto and other car companies have also announced to enter the bureau. The turning point for commercialization of semi-solid state batteries is expected between 2024 and 2025.


In terms of sodium-ion batteries, the global demand scale of sodium-ion batteries is expected to be about 67.4GWh by 2025, with a penetration rate of 3.5%, and energy storage is expected to become the largest downstream market.


Under the background of continuous strong global battery demand and high cost of lithium-ion battery, the condition of large-scale commercial application of sodium ion is increasingly mature. Dozens of enterprises at home and abroad have carried out industrial layout of sodium ion battery.


In addition, Fe-manganese phosphate lithium batteries, lithium metal batteries, magnesium batteries, condensed matter batteries have also entered the R&D list of enterprises.


Zeng Yuqun, chairman of CATL, revealed on the Chongqing Auto Show that except for all-solid state battery, semi-solid state battery, including condensed matter battery that we have never heard of, CATL is carrying out research and development.



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