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  • 5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials
  • 5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials
  • 5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials
  • 5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials
5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials

5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials

Model: Planetary Vacuum Mixer AS-PVM-5L

Working voltage/frequency: 380V/50Hz/3Phase

Length width height: 1200*550*1500mm

Weight: About 600KG


5L Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Mixing Materials


This machine is a high-efficiency equipment that integrates vacuum mixing and dispersion. It is suitable for the battery cathode and anode electrode slurry mixing process in the lithium battery experiment process.Also it is widely used in solder paste, silica gel, chemical industry, etc.



Using industry-leading soft sealing technology, can maintain -0.098Mpa state for more than 24 hours;

Supported by double precision guide columns, the cylinder pushes the mixing tank to open and close, humanized design, precise and efficient;

The tank body is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, after being processed by a large horizontal lathe, and then polished by a precision automatic polishing machine to ensure high precision;

The double-dispersed blade design makes the material tumbling up and down and around, so that the slurry is mixed quickly and evenly;

The stirring motor adopts gearbox frequency conversion adjustment, and different speeds and torques can be selected according to different processes and different viscosities;


Serial number


Detailed description


Name and specification


(1) Double planet dispersion mixer

(2)Specification model: TH-VHDPM5






Basic structure

(1) Electric lifting pot type

(2)Cantilever structure

(3) Double twist mixing paddle + scraping + dispersion + temperature measurement


















(1) Specification: inner diameter 250*160mm;

(2) Design volume: 8L, effective volume 5L;

(3) Material stainless steel, inner layer 304 thickness,5mm; Outer layer 304 stainless steel 4mm;

(4) After the inner liner wall is rounded, the car is processed, and the inner wall and outer wall mirror are polished to ensure good roundness and light cleanliness;

(5) The surface of the upper flange of the mixing barrel is sealed with the upper barrel body through the sealing ring;

(6) With water inlet and outlet DN25 water inlet and outlet, using quick-mount plug;

(7) Quantity: 1;






Kettle cover


(1) Material: 304;

(2) A Φ57 sight mirror (with silicone sheet small scraper); φ45 lighting spotlight sight mirror; Feeding port DN57, a mechanical vacuum meter; And other necessary fittings (vacuum/blowdown/spare)






Revolution/mixing motor and frequency converter, reducer


(1) Motor power: 1.5Kw/4P;

(2) Quantity: one;

(3) With 1.5KW frequency conversion governor matched with the motor;

(4) Supporting gear reducer, reduction ratio of about I=30, coefficient of use fa=1.55;


The speed of the planet's revolution

(1) Speed: 0~65 rpm, adjustable;




Gap reference value (optional)


(1) Mixing paddle and mixing paddle tolerance: 8± 2.5mm;

(2) Mixing paddle and bottom tolerance: 5± 2.5mm;

(3) Mixing paddle and barrel wall tolerance: 5± 2.5mm;


Planetary rotation velocity

(1) Speed: 0~116rpm, adjustable;






High speed dispersion


(1) Motor power: 2.2kw/4p;

(2) Quantity: 1 set;

(3) Matching: 2.2kw inverter, variable frequency speed regulation;

(4) Double dispersion shaft, install double dispersion disc;




Dispersion speed

(1) Speed: 0-3000rpm;

(2) Structure: sawtooth dispersion disc;

(3) Diameter: φ50mm;




Agitator paddle

(1) Material: 304 material;

(2) Structure: twist type mixing blade;

(3) Quantity: two (groups);




Vacuum part

(1) Rotary vane vacuum pump;

(2) Power: 0.37kw;

(3) Matching vacuum buffer tank;






Screw lift

(1) Electric lift: φ36*s=300; Equipped with positioning device; Safe and reliable positioning;

(2) Equipped with a gear motor, supporting a 0.55Kw/4P motor; No oil leakage, low noise;

(3) Lifting height: ≤600;








Positioning system

(1) With positioning adjustment device and locking device, can accurately position the mixing bucket and the upper bucket body, and prevent rotation.

(2) The positioning stop of the lower flange of the upper barrel body is precisely matched with the mixing bucket to ensure that the mixing bucket is in a reasonable position and the positioning is accurate.






Distribution cabinet

(1) The display and operation of the vacuum device, frequency conversion speed regulation, time timing control, spotlights, lifting, running emergency stop and other functions are carried out on the distribution cabinet.












Safe operation

(1) Relying on the frequency converter and limit stroke switch, through the specially designed control route, to ensure that the pot rises/falls to the specified position after the automatic stop.

(2) In the pot rising process, the stirring part of the equipment can not start to run; Similarly, when the machine is running the mixture, the pot should not be raised and the mixing bucket should not be opened.

(3) Automatic protection or stop when the mixing is overloaded;

(4) Emergency stop button, can be stopped immediately;


Main engine electronic control

(1) Working voltage/frequency: 380V/50Hz/3Phase

(2) Total power of the main engine: about 6kw


Overall dimensions and weight (reference)

(3) Length width height: 1200*550*1500mm

(4) Weight: about 600KG












Overall requirements for equipment processing

(1) The polishing degree of the part in contact with the material in the pot body is greater than 300 mesh

(2) No exposed motor and other parts that are not easy to clean

(3) The outer plate of the chassis is stainless steel

(4) The welds are required to be smooth, and all welds on the internal and external surfaces are polished and smoothly transited

(5) no defects such as biting edge, slag and splashing

(6) The appearance is smooth, and all the disassembly, installation and operation parts are required to be rounded and not hurt hands

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Slurry Stirrer Planetary Vacuum Mixer