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  • DH-10000RF Single-sided Automatic Spot Welding Machine with Industry 4.0 Version
DH-10000RF Single-sided Automatic Spot Welding Machine with Industry 4.0 Version

DH-10000RF Single-sided Automatic Spot Welding Machine with Industry 4.0 Version

Model: AS-SASW-10000RF

Power: 2000W

Welding thickness: 0.1-0.3mm

Warranty: 2 Years



DH-10000RF Single-sided Automatic Spot Welding Machine with Industry 4.0 Version

System Overview:

DH10000RF automatic single-sided spot welding machine is suitable for spot welding of a single cell in series and parallel before assembly in the PACK factory. The electric control part of the spot welding machine adopts modular design, which has high integration, good versatility and convenient maintenance. The main actuator is controlled by a servo motor, which has high accuracy and good reliability. The electrical circuit of the equipment adopts domestic and foreign standard control devices and devices, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. It supports automatic rotation of the spot welding head, Autocad data import, array and manual methods, which significantly improves the spot welding efficiency and guarantees the Pack production line.

Scope of application:

Automatic spot welding of cylindrical batteries such as 18650/21700/26650/32650/32700.


1. Single-sided automatic spot welding machine supports breakpoint start, equipped with a welding power source of transistor 5000B, which can weld nickel sheets of 0.25mm and below.

2. The programming interface is easy to operate, and supports three methods: CAD map, array and manual. Any group of programming files can be stored.

3. Welding needle replacement forecast and reminder, the welding head adopts water-cooled circulation to dissipate heat, which effectively reduces the loss of welding needles and improves the welding effect.

4. Built-in welding current monitoring system, can monitor welding current, with false welding and false welding alarm function, can monitor welding in real time.

5. With integrated industrial control, all welding parameters can be traced and tracked, which is convenient for data management and simple operation. It has functions such as solder joint tracking, fire explosion, false soldering, and missing solder monitoring records.

6. The 4-axis pure electric model can effectively prevent false welding and frying welding due to unstable air pressure.

7. The Miyachi Rotary Welding Head is adopted. The welding head supports plus or minus 90° rotation. It is suitable for spot welding of nickel sheet shunt grooves at any angle, and the welding head is lightweight, which effectively prevents the welding head from being too heavy and causing the welding battery to deform.

8. Adjustable single spot welding, two spot welding, three spot welding, and the spacing of two spot welding and three spot welding is adjustable.

9. Welding pressure: the pressure of the two welding needles can be adjusted independently. It has the functions of recording, alarming and resetting the number of times the soldering pins are used.

10. Spot welding tooling is accurate and foolproof.

11. The solder joint position is easy to debug, the logic is clear, and the common regular shapes such as rectangle and diamond can quickly display the solder joint position. Manual debugging interface, motor running speed is adjustable.

12. It has the function of origin reset and breakpoint continuous welding, that is, the machine stops due to abnormal problems during the spot welding process. You can choose to return to the origin or continue welding from the breakpoint.

13. Different energies can be automatically switched during welding to match the needs of different welding energies for the positive and anode electrodes of the battery.

14. Different user permissions are set on the operation interface.

Technical Parameter:

Welding power source

220V±10% ,50Hz±10%


Less than 2000W

Welding power consumption


Platform input voltage

Platform input voltage

Platform power consumption

Less than 800W

Upper and lower limits of welding current

Can be set

Welding head rotation Angle

1-180 degree

X-axis Y-axis displacement accuracy

0.05 mm

X axis travel

540mm, can be customized

Y axis travel

380mm, can be customized

Welding head inlet spring pressure adjustment


Suitable thickness for flat welded nickel sheet

0.12-0.3mm nickel plated steel

Suitable thickness for bump welding nickel sheet

0.2-0.3 nickel plated steel/pure nickel

Positive and negative current switching speed


Plane welding speed

0.9-1.0S,1800-2000 pcs/h (Depends on the process and material of the nickel sheet)

Bump welding speed

1.2-1.5S,1000-1500 pcs/h (Depends on the process and material of the nickel sheet)

Suitable battery model

18650,26650, 32650





Single-sided Automatic Spot Welding Machine