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  • Equipment List for Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Line
Equipment List for Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Line

Equipment List for Lithium Battery Pack Assembly Line

Battery pack assembly line include 6 main machine include barley paper sticking machine, battery sorting machine, battery spot welding machine, CCD testing machine for battery pack, Battery performance test system and Battery aging cabinet.


New Energy System Lithium ion Battery Pack Assembly Line

With the widespread application of batteries such as 18650 in the field of new energy, semi-automatic and automated equipment has become one of the core competitiveness of battery companies.

The basic battery pack assembly line include a lithium battery sticker system, a sorting and inspection system, an automatic battery pack assembly system, a CCD visual recognition system and an automatic spot welding system. It adopts automatic feeding and automatic sorting mechanism to ensure the consistency of the battery used in the product. At the same time, it can automatically scan and obtain cell barcodes, and classify and record barcodes andpack barcodes.

Aooser Battery Equipment Company provide a completepack line equipment, include project design, site layout, staffing andbudget, we supply high-end production line solutions based on semi-automatic and automated equipment, please send inquiry now.

Equipment List for LithiumBattery PACKAssemblyLine


Aumatic sticking machine

Cell insulation pasting(barley paper)


Automatic sorting machine

Sorting the cells by testing internal resistance and voltage


CCD testing machine

Check whether the positive(+) and negative(-) of batteries are misplaced


Automatic spot welding machine

Weld the cells together according to design, single side spot welding and double side welding is optional


Battery performance test system

Quick checking the performance of semi-finished battery pack by charging, discharging, AC/DC resistance, testing different pressure/internal resistance etc.


Battery aging cabinet

Remove early failure and unqualified component products, so that product reliability is relatively improved, and product quality is guaranteed

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