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  • High Quality Double Side Automatic Spot Welder Welding Machine for Battery Pack
High Quality Double Side Automatic Spot Welder Welding Machine for Battery Pack

High Quality Double Side Automatic Spot Welder Welding Machine for Battery Pack

Model: AS-SMDH-20000RF

Votage: 220V/50Hz , 110V optional

Power: 3000W

Welding ability: 0.25mm Nickel strip


System introduction:

SMDH-20000RF automaticdouble-sided spot welding machine is suitable for spot welding of a single cell in series and parallel before assembly in the PACK factory. The electric control part of the spot welding machine adopts modular design, which has high integration, good versatility and convenient maintenance. The main actuator is controlled by a servo motor, which has high accuracy and good reliability; the electrical circuit of the equipment adopts domestic and foreign standard control devices and devices, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement. It supports automatic rotation of the spot welding head, Autocad data import, array and manual methods, which significantly improves the efficiency of spot welding and guarantees the specification and reliability of the spot welding station production on the Pack production line.

Range of application:

Automatic spot welding of cylindrical batteries such as 18650/21700/26650/32650/32700



AutomaticSpot Welding Machine AS-SMDH-20000RF

Welding source

AC 220V ±10% ,50Hz ±10%

Welding source power

Less than 2000W

Welding power consumption


Platform input power

220V 50Hz

Welding current upper and lower limit setting


Maximum speed of motor drive

1000 mm/s

X/Y/Z axis displacement accuracy


Z axis travel

240mm (can be customized)

Y axis travel

540mm (can be customized)

pressure adjustment of welding head


Suitable thickness for plane welding nickel sheet

≤0.25mm Nickel-plated steel;≤0.15mm pure nickel strip

Suitable thickness of bump-welded nickel sheet

≤0.2mm Nickel-plated steel;≤0.1mm pure nickel strip

Positive and negative current switching speed/specification


Flat surface welding welding speed

0.9-1.0 S3000-3200 pcs/h (depending on the process and material of the nickel sheet)

Bump welding speed

1.2-1.5S 2000-2500pcs/h (depending on the thickness and material of the nickel sheet)

System operation mode

19-inch computer display + host

Suitable battery model

18650 26650 32650


1500mm*910mm*1900 mm


About 400Kg


1 year limited with lifetime technical support


Battery Packing Spot Welder Layout

Reference picture:

Battery Packing Spot Welder SMDH-20000RF