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  • Pouch Cell Aluminum Battery Tab with Tab Glue for Lab
Pouch Cell Aluminum Battery Tab with Tab Glue for Lab

Pouch Cell Aluminum Battery Tab with Tab Glue for Lab

Product Name: Aluminum Tab for Pouch Cell

Material: Pure Aluminum Metal

Tab glue: Yes

Purity: 99.99%


Pure Aluminum Tab with Tab Glue for Li-ion Polymer Battery Pouch Cell Positive Terminal

Introduction to battery tab:

The battery is divided into positive and negative, and the tab is the metal conductor that leads the positive and negative from the battery core. In layman's terms, the tab of the positive and negative of the battery are the contact points during charging and discharging. This contact point is not the copper sheet we see on the outside of the battery, but a connection inside the battery. The tabs are divided into three materials. The positive electrode of the battery is made of aluminum (Al) material, the negative electrode is made of nickel (Ni) material, and the negative electrode is also made of copper nickel-plated (Ni—Cu) material. They are all composited by two parts of film and metal tape.

Standard Packing: 50pcs/box (confirm with us before ordering)

Other size available: please contact sales person for more information.

Customized battery tab: available, MOQ is 10,000 pcs.

Reference model: EQ-PLIB-ATC3

Technical Parameter:

Product Name

Aluminum Tab for Pouch Cell


Pure Aluminum Metal

Tab glue




Substrate Width

3mm,4mm,8mm Optional

Substrate Thickness


Substrate Length


Tape Width


Tape Material

PP/PEN/PP (brown)

Aluminum Tab for Polymer Li-ion Battery