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  • Vacuum Tube Furnace with High Temperature up to 1750C for Lab Burning Material
Vacuum Tube Furnace with High Temperature up to 1750C for Lab Burning Material

Vacuum Tube Furnace with High Temperature up to 1750C for Lab Burning Material

Model:Tube Furnace  AS-GLS-1750X

Max Temp: 1750℃

Origin: China


1750C High Temperature Vacuum Tube Furnace for Burning Lab Material


AS-GSL-1750X vacuum tube type high temperature furnace adoptssilicon-molybdenum rod as heating element, rated temperature is 1700℃, adopts B type double platinum rhodium thermocouple temperature measurement and 518P temperature controller automatic temperature control, with high temperature control precision (±1℃).

In addition, the furnace has a vacuum device, can work in a variety of atmospheres, greatly increasing its range of use. The furnace has the advantages of high temperature, high precision temperature control, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and it can be widely used in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, commodity inspection, higher education institutions and scientific research departments.



Tube Furnace  AS-GLS-1750X

Working Temperature

800 -1700ºC continuous

Max: 1750ºC < 1 hour

Recommended Heating Rate

Below 1400℃:≤10℃/min;1400℃to 1600℃:≤5℃/min;

above 1600℃:≤2℃/min

Heating Area Length


Max Power



220V AC 50Hz, Require 32A air switch

Furnace Construction

Double-layer housing structure with air-cooling system, making the surface temperature of the housing less than 55°C

The furnace uses high-purity polycrystalline alumina fibers to minimize energy loss

The surface of the inner furnace is coated with a 1750-degree high-temperature alumina coating imported from the United States to improve the reflectivity and heating efficiency of the equipment, and also extend the life of the instrument.

Furnace Tube

Diameter 60mm*1000mm Length

In order to ensure the uniformity of the temperature field and the sealing performance of the flange, it is necessary to insert an alumina pipe plug at both ends of the furnace tube before the temperature rise, to prevent heat loss.

Vacuum Seal

Two stainless steel vacuum flanges (with mechanical pressure gauge and stainless steel globe valve installed)

Vacuum Degree

Double-rotor mechanical pump vacuum can reach 10-3 torr

If you want to get a higher vacuum (<10-5 torr or better)

Temp Control System

PID30 segment programmatic automatic control

Temperature control accuracy:±1°C

Heating Element

1800C grade silicon molybdenum rod


1350mm L×520mm W×780mm H

Net Weight



1 Year with lifetime technical support

Application Notes

1. The gas pressure in the furnace tube can not be higher than 0.02MPa

2. Because the internal pressure high, the pressure reducing valve must be installed when the gas is introduced into the furnace tube. It is recommended to purchase the pressure reducing valve in our company. The range of the pressure reducing valve is 0.01MPa-0.1MPa. More precise and safe.

3. For the sample heating test, it is not recommended to close the suction and intake valves at the flange end of the furnace tube. If you need to close the air valve to heat the sample, you should always pay attention to the pressure gauge. If the air pressure is greater than 0.02 MPa, you must open the air release valve immediately to prevent accidents (such as furnace tube rupture, flange flying out, etc.)

4. The flow rate of gas should be limited to <200 SCCM (or 200ml/min)



1750C High Temperature Vacuum Tube Furnace