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2022Q1 LFP material shipments account for over 50% of lithium battery cathode materials

LFP material shipments account for more than 50% of lithium battery cathode materials

The hot market of lithium iron phosphate materials has attracted many companies to enter the industry, including phosphorus chemical companies, such as Yuntianhua, Yuntu, Chuanheng, Xiangyun, Xinyangfeng, etc.; titanium dioxide companies, such as Longbai Group, China Nuclear Titanium Dioxide , Jinpu Titanium, etc.

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At present, the characteristics of the iron phosphate material industry are:

1) The integration of iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate is accelerated;

2) There are many new entrants, mainly phosphorus chemical and titanium dioxide enterprises;

3) The product is in short supply and the price is high;

4) The expansion cycle of iron phosphate is longer than that of lithium iron phosphate cathode material;

5) Low technical barriers;

6) The production capacity is concentrated in China, and the international competitiveness is strong.

It is estimated that by 2025, China's iron phosphate material shipments will exceed 1.7 million tons, with a compound annual growth rate of over 50%.

At present, the technical routes of iron phosphate materials include ammonium method, sodium method and phosphoric acid + iron method iron phosphate materials. Chinese iron phosphate enterprises mainly include Hunan Yacheng, Tianci Materials, Tongling Nayuan, etc.



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