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How Does LiFePO4 LFP Material Break The Bottleneck of Low-temperature Fast Charging Performance?

Under the background of the accelerated global penetration of lithium iron phosphate batteries, the anxiety of low-temperature battery life needs to be solved urgently to cover more usage scenarios and achieve larger-scale applications.

Since 2021, due to its high cost performance and high safety, lithium iron phosphate batteries have become the mainstream choice for major new energy vehicles, driven by phenomenal models such as Han EV, domestic Model 3, and Hongguang MINIEV.

In 2021, China's lithium iron phosphate material shipments will increase by 287%. In 2022Q1, lithium iron phosphate material shipments will account for more than 50% of lithium battery cathode materials, and continue to maintain rapid growth.

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With the large-scale application of lithium iron phosphate battery products around the world, its disadvantages such as poor low temperature performance and greatly reduced battery life in winter have become increasingly prominent. Low temperature performance and fast charging have become urgent issues for lithium iron phosphate materials in the next stage.

Low-temperature battery life has become a common problem in the industry. From a technical perspective, there are four main solutions: one is to improve the low temperature resistance of the battery material system in use, especially the battery activity problem at low temperature; the second is to find better Low temperature resistant materials; the third is to increase the thermal insulation efficiency of the battery by physical methods; the fourth is to change the battery.

Lithium iron phosphate material has the strongest plasticity, and the inherent stable coordination structure makes it extremely safe. It does not fire or explode when impacted or punctured, and it has the performance advantages of long life and no scarcity of raw material resources. Therefore, when we first established the project, our attitude was very firm, and we chose lithium iron phosphate as the research and development direction of low temperature resistance and fast charging materials.

Changzhou Liyuan innovatively launched a new spherical lithium iron phosphate product - "Lithium Iron No. 1".

Its general working principle is that by establishing a high-speed lithium ion transport channel inside the positive electrode material, the discharge capacity retention rate of the lithium iron phosphate material at -20 °C can be increased from 55% of the conventional lithium iron phosphate product to 85%, The discharge capacity retention rate at -40 ℃ is increased from close to zero to 57%.

At the same time, "Iron Lithium No. 1" has excellent fast charging performance. According to the calculation of Longpan Technology, the lithium iron phosphate battery using "Lithium Iron No. 1" material can achieve a cruising range of 500 kilometers in only 15 minutes with 4C fast charging. For comparison, it takes 40 minutes to quickly charge a conventional lithium iron phosphate battery.

This innovative product is a new generation of lithium iron phosphate products invented by more than 20 R&D experts from Changzhou Liyuan Shenzhen Research Institute after 8 years and more than 2,000 repeated experiments to solve the problem of low diffusion coefficient of lithium ions. For the power battery industry, it is a revolutionary technological breakthrough.

Dr. Yue Haifeng also introduced that Lithium Iron 1 also supports the use of ternary blending. The spherical shape presented by the energy ball technology is very similar to the ternary shape, and its performance in safety and cycle life can be improved again.



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