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Lithium Battery Lab Equipment Ship to Ireland

It is our pleasure to supply battery lab equipment to the university of Limerick, as we know, the University of Limerick is one of the seven national universities in Ireland and is affiliated with the Irish National University Alliance, known as the Irish Ivy League. It is the first comprehensive independent university funded by the government after the independence of Ireland, and one of the most beautiful universities in Western Europe is also a famous university in Western Europe.

We would like to thank you for the Dr.Sheida from chemical lab in ul.ie, she chose to buy 6 sets of coin cell testers and one set humidity and temperature chamber and vacuum oven DZF-6050 as trial order, and she plan to buy coin cell disc cutter, coin cell crimper and film coating machine for her next order, now she just waiting for the funds.

Aooser battery equipment company provide one-stop solutions for battery lab line, welcome the friends from all over the world to inquiry and consult.

Coin Cell Testers for Lab

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