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China's Power Battery Zero-Carbon Factory Sets Up in the United States

Envision AESC cooperates with Mercedes-Benz, China's power battery zero-carbon factory is located in the United States

On March 15, local time in the United States, Mercedes-Benz announced that it has reached a cooperation with Envision AESC. Envision AESC will provide power battery modules for Mercedes-Benz's new generation of pure electric SUVs EQS and EQE, helping Mercedes-Benz to accelerate its full electrification transformation.

Envision AESC also announced that it will build a new digital zero-carbon power battery super factory in the United States and achieve mass production in 2025. This is also the second battery factory of Envision AESC in North America.

The cooperation with Mercedes-Benz this time is a further expansion of Envision AESC with international car companies in the American market after cooperating with Renault in France, Nissan in the UK, and Nissan, Honda and other mainstream car companies in Japan. An important step in the global layout of zero-carbon power batteries.

As a century-old luxury car brand, Mercedes-Benz's electrification transformation is accelerating. In order to focus on the transformation, in February this year, Daimler officially changed its name to Mercedes-Benz Group AG. According to the plan, Mercedes-Benz will launch the first new modular MMA architecture platform designed for compact models in 2024. After 2025, all model architecture platforms will be pure electric platforms, including ME.EA (replacing MRA and EVA), AMG.EA (high-performance vehicle pure electric platform), and VAN.EA (pure electric MPV and light passenger platform).

Mercedes Benz electric vehicle platform.jpg

Ambitious electrification transformation will inevitably mean huge demand for power batteries. According to forecasts, the demand for battery production capacity driven by Mercedes-Benz's electrification in the future will exceed 200GWh.

Envision Power is the only company that has set up a factory in the United States and has the capacity to supply capacity. The Tennessee factory of Envision Power started operation in 2012, with an annual production capacity of 3GWh. Therefore, in terms of deploying new production capacity, it has experience in talents, supply chain, localized operation, etc., coupled with China's global technological leadership in the field of lithium batteries, many factors have contributed to this cooperation with Mercedes-Benz.

Envision Power Battery Zero-Carbon Factory in the United States.jpg

Different from the rhythm and strategy of domestic power battery companies from the inside out, Envision Power has participated in the global market competition with an international vision and path from the beginning.

With the deployment of Vision Power, it is expected to drive a group of Chinese supply chain companies to speed up their deployment to the US market, and help them fully empower them in terms of capacity building, management team building, and cultural integration.



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