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Pouch Cell Battery Stacking Machine Ship to USA

Glad to cooperate with Atlis Motor Vehicles, which is one of most powerful company in USA who manufacturing the electric truck. They are plan to built an lab for pouch battery research, and they find us on Google, then after many communications for the technical specification of the puch cell stacking machine, finally we made a deal for design and produce such a functional battery stacker for them.

After 15 days design and 1 month machining and assembling, the machine pass the factory acceptance test, now we are ready to ship it out to USA.

Aooser battery equipment company is one of the lead company in China who can design and manufacturing battery machines for our valuable clients from all over the world, welcome to send requests.

 Pouch Cell Stacker Machine Ship to USA.jpg

Pouch Cell Stacking Machine Ship to USA.jpg

Battery Stacking Machine Ship to USA.jpg



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