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The Difference Between Hard Carbon And Soft Carbon

Graphitization ability at high temperatures

Hard carbon and soft carbon are two different carbon materials, their main difference is the ability to graphitize at high temperatures. The relevant introduction is as follows:

Soft carbon. Soft carbon can be graphitized at a high temperature above 2500℃ to form a carbon material with a high degree of graphitization, which has a low and stable charging and discharging potential platform, large charging and discharging capacity, high efficiency, and good cycle performance, so it is widely used in batteries and other fields.

Hard carbon. Hard carbon is difficult to graphitize even at high temperatures above 2500 ° C, its structure is stable, the charge-discharge cycle life is long, and the carbon-lithium potential can be higher than 0.2V, better safety performance, suitable for high-voltage batteries and other applications.



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