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  • Semi-Automatic Winding Machine for Cylinder Cell Line
Semi-Automatic Winding Machine for Cylinder Cell Line

Semi-Automatic Winding Machine for Cylinder Cell Line

Model: AS-MC-18650

Weight: About 500kg

Origin: China

Warranty: 1 Year

Description: This battery winding machine is mainly applied to precision winding of 18650 and 21700 batteries.


Semi-Automatic Winding Machine for Cylinder Cell Line


1. The working process is as follows:

manually guide the cathode and anode electrodes into the winding part, and separated stacking with the separator, and the winding will be carried out according to the requirements of the process, automatically attaching the termination tape, and the cell will automatically feed.


2. Function and Features:

2.1. Adopt single needle counter winding needle structure.

2.2. Manual lead-in electrode, automatic winding, automatic change needle, automatic tape ending tape and automatic unloading;

2.3. The adhesive tape adopts the horizontal paste (the tape is perpendicular to the tab), the adhesive is flat, and the adhesive position can be controlled accurately without tightening the cell; the adhesive is stable and reliable;

2.4. winding needle speed was adjustable;

2.5. Two rolls of separator active to unwinding, tension push switch control technology can adjust tension automatically during winding.

2.6. It has a dust removal device;

2.7. Separator outer pack end.

2.8. The cell after winding without damage, core pulling and electrode dislocation phenomenon;

2.9. Easy to operate,adjust and replace;


3. Specifications:


Semi-Auto Battery Winding Machine AOT-SAWM-18650 (21700)



Compressed air


Productive capacity



About 500kg


1660mm*1300mm*1570mm(Does not include the outstretched length of the electrode.)

Winding needle specification

ø1.5mm-ø9mm(With one set for free, customized)

Applicable outer diameter of the cell


Equipment capacity:

6~15 pcs/ min (according to the length/width of the electrode)

Winding precision

when the electrode is guaranteed to meet the following conditions:

The width error is less than ±0.2mm;

The bending error of "S" is less than ±1mm/500mm;

The tower shape error of the separator is less than ±0.2mm;

The winding precision can be satisfied

The alignment error of the separator is less than ±0.5mm;

The alignment error of electrode is less than ±0.5mm;

It can realize the negative electrode wrap the cathode electrode , the separator wrap negative electrode, and the alignment of the finished product section is ±0.5mm

Qualified rate

≥98% (excluding equipment factors)


One Year limited warranty with lifetime support

18650 Battery Winding Machine

Semi-Automatic Winding Machine